Saturday, May 4, 2013

Max Pump Review

Max Pump is a product that allows those that take it increased muscular blood flow, an overall decrease in the fatigue felt after workouts, considerable vasodilation, and even a better chance at destroying one’s personal records. Betaine is the primary compound that is present in Max Pump, and will provide considerable benefits alongside a normal regimen of supplementation (protein, amino acids, multi-vitamins).

Max Pump’s effects can be felt a few days after initial supplementation. I was able to increase the amount of reps that I was able to complete on deadlifts and squats, while not struggling with DOMS the next morning / day. While Max Pump does not have quite as a visible effect on cardiovascular exercises, I was able to increase my personal records on the elliptical by about a tenth of a mile over the course of a half-hour. I would venture that a similar gain would be experienced in basketball and racquetball-types of sports. Make sure to keep hydrated and properly cooled while utilizing Max Pump for the best effects, as the pump achieved by the supplement is heads and shoulders above other similar sorts of supplements.

Check online for the best possible deal for Max Pump; a quick look found me a bottle for $25 (with additional bottles added to the order at a considerable discount). The Redefine website has all sorts of information about the ingredient profile for Max Pump, along with the scientific citations that have merited their inclusion and their other efforts, so visit it the next time you need to stock up your medicine cabinet.

Rating: 9.0/10


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Max Pump Review

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