Monday, May 27, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Pets DVD Review

Sweetest Pets DVD Cover

On the heels of a number of re-dos in childrens’ television (My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Littlest Pet Shop was given new life by the Cahills (Tim and Julie, previously known as the creators of My Gym Partner’s A Monkey). This DVD captures a number of the later episodes of the first season, while providing space for a final release to collect the remainder of the season’s episodes.

Episodes on this DVD include Trading Place, Sweet (Truck) Ride, What’s In The Batter, Topped With Buttercream and Bakers and Fakers. In this collection, Bakers and Fakers is particularly notable as it showcases the negative aspects of lying and cheating. Topped With Buttercream teaches viewers the importance of moderation, no matter how catchy, tasty, or otherwise compelling something may be. Trading Places focuses on the sheer difficulty of being lost in an unknown place, showcasing the necessity of keeping in contact with an adult. The video quality of each of the episodes on Sweetest Pets is stellar, ensuring that viewers will have an experience that exceeds that of the original airing of the shows. An audio quality comparable to that of the video ensures that viewers will be able to hear every utterance on this DVD’s episodes without difficulty.

There is a coloring sheet that is included with a purchase of the DVD. Sweetest Pets can be purchased at any well-stocked DVD stores or from a wide variety of online retailers.

Rating: 8.4/10

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Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Pets DVD Review

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