Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Colombian Connection DVD Review


The Colombian Connection is a film that is set in 1976 and features a framed cop looking to get eir revenge after being convicted of a crime that ey did not commit. The individual that was involved with Jack Hooks’ (Robert Thorne, Poker Run and The Majestic) time in prison is eir ex-partner Frank Rossi (Tom Sizemore), who is in cahoots with major marijuana dealers.  Along with dispatching Rossi, Hooks has to bring down the head of the drug ring, Carlos Huerta. Whether Hooks is ultimately successful in eir mission, and can spend eir life with Elena, Huerta’s love interest without losing eir life is the crux of The Colombian Connection. Viewers will be on the edges of their seats with this title. The Colombian Connection benefits from smart costuming and set design; viewers will feel as if they are transported to this earlier period.

The video quality of Inception’s DVD transfer is absolutely stellar, adopting a realistic set of colors. Atmospheric noises and dialogue is captured faithfully, ensuring that this tale of revenge is clear and easy to follow. The Colombian Connection can be purchased at well-stocked physical retailers and from a variety of online retailers detailing with DVD sales (a quick look found copies of the film new for around $10).

Rating: 7.8/10

The Colombian Connection DVD Review / 2013 Inception Media Group / 98 Minutes / www.inceptionmediagroup.comThe Colombian Connection (2011) DVDRip

The Colombian Connection DVD Review

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