Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pacsafe Z-28 Anti-Theft Urban Backpack Review

This is one of the smartest investments that we have had the chance to make in regards to our safety. The various benefits that are provided by the backpack and the overall peace of mind that one will have when they have their valuables in the Z-28 is priceless. Furthermore, the amount of space that the backpack provides ensures that one can stash their laptop and other peripherals without cramming anything in (which normally causes scrapes or other damage).

Pacsafe offers a 2 year warranty for the backpack, while the sheer ruggedness of the build design ensures that purchasers will not have to send it back. The additional features that are present in the bag make carrying the Z-28 extremely easy; the padded straps and back support allow the weight to be properly distributed over the whole of the body. The eXomesh ensures that a thief cannot simply cut through a part of the bag, without adding much to the weight of the bag (when all is said and done, the bag weighs a hair over 3.5 pounds). Furthermore, the presence of a number of locks will make the Z-28 utterly impossible to break into.

The Z-28 is a massive bag but is ultimately yieldable by a wide array of users. For those that are unable to fit the bag into their plans, the Pacsafe website has a listing of their various efforts. If you own a laptop and are concerned in the slightest about the safety of your goods, make it a point to purchase a Pacsafe bag. It will be able to take whatever beating that you can throw at it while still looking fashionable and being extremely intuitive in its use.

Rating: 8.4/10

Pacsafe Z-28 Anti-Theft Urban Backpack Review
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Pacsafe Z-28 Anti-Theft Urban Backpack Review

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