Friday, May 3, 2013

Ooga Booga DVD Review


Charles Band has created another film that will be eagerly watched by legions of Puppet Master and Gingerdead Man. Ooga Booga is a horror film that has urban trappings. The titular doll has the spirit of an African-American individual, Devin Campbell, that has been slighted by the system, with the flashpoint occurring when a slushie machine goes absolutely haywire. When the doll attempts to receive eir vengeance, it seems to be an open and shut case that Campbell committed these brutal murders.

Ooga Booga moves back and forth between terror and comedy, allowing viewers of a wide array of genres to appreciate what is going on. Band has done a few films about dolls, but I believe that Ooga Booga does well in situating itself as a must-see film in the intersection of classic and current filmmaking. The cast has a tremendous amount of storied actors (Karen Black, Stacy Keach) that makes the film’s overall replay value considerably greater than many films in the revenge genre.

The visual quality of the stunts allow viewers to suspend their disbelief and really get into the story, while the quality of the film’s video ensures that nothing will be missed. A similarly-strong audio renders each line of dialogue and utterance perfectly. Make sure to pick up Ooga Booga when it is released on DVD later this month, and visit the Full Moon website for more information about the titles that they will release through the end of this year along with their voluminous catalogue.

Rating: 9.2/10


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Ooga Booga DVD Review

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