Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four Loko Loko Margarita Review

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I have had some major time spent with the heavy-ABV 24 ounce cans. Whether it was Steel Reserve or Camo Black Ice, there was much value to be had with one of these big boys. Four Loko has provided individuals with a heavy amount of alcohol and an ample amount of flavor to hide the alcohol bite. Phusion Projects, the company behind Four Loko, has created “Loko Margarita”. This means that for each sip of Loko Margarita, individuals have a lime bite and a sweeter aftertaste. The flavor profile of the Loko Margarita changes over the course of a can, with a more assertive flavor dominating in the latter third of the can. The Loko Margarita shines brighter if one has the opportunity to place the beverage in a freezer for about an hour. I feel that the Loko Margarita is a perfect ending to a night, providing a je ne sais quoi to a session.

Four Loko, and the new Loko Margarita, can be purchased for about $2 or $3 at beer stores and gas stations (for those individuals that live in states where that is allowed). Comment this post if you have had the Loko Margarita flavor – how well did it capture the Margarita flavor, and how did the beverage taste compared to the earlier Four Loko offerings? As  it says on the cans, the Four Loko Loko Margarita contains alcohol and should only be purchased and consumed by those individuals that are of age.

Rating: 7.0/10


Four Loko Loko Margarita Review / 12.0% ABV /

Four Loko Loko Margarita Review

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