Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heaven & Earth Dig CD Review


Heaven & Earth is a band that looks to continue creating classic rock in a period where many bands from the seventies and eighties merely recreate old hits and rest on their laurels. What Dig does is showcase that this rock form still lives and can thrive if the band playing it is talented enough. Heaven & Earth is an act that was born from the ashes of Sweet and Quiet Riot, with the lessons learned in each band fueling on the music that is presented on Dig. No Money, No Love is a single off of Dig and it absolutely crackles with energy. The synth / guitar / drum dynamic rivals the vocals for dominance, with the end result being greater than the sum of the band’s constituent parts.

Dig succeeds not only because of the brilliant interplay between the band members, but because of a production that renders each guitar line and drum splash perfectly. Man & Machine is another high point for Heaven & Earth not only due to the guest guitar work of Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), but through the breakneck speed that the band achieves during the track. With a chorus that has the perfect blend of melody and fury, Heaven & Earth has another single-worthy effort. The constancy of Dig ensures that the CD can remain in players and on MP3 players for months, while there is aa full enough sound that listeners could spend years properly untangling each line, riff, and lyric.

Give their website a spin for their latest information, tour dates, and news about any releases that they may be working on. This journeyman band lays down an album that should be required listening for any band looking to create rock music.

Top Tracks: I Don’t Know What Love Is, Waiting For the End of the World

Rating: 9.0/10

Heaven & Earth Dig CD Review / 2013 / www.heavenandearthband.comHeaven-Earth-Dig

Heaven & Earth Dig CD Review

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