Friday, May 3, 2013

Deadstring Brothers Cannery Row CD Review

If it’s possible to revive the music from the 1970’s Laurel Cannon heyday, Detroit’s alt country band the Deadstring Brothers (I know, Detroit! Who knew?) are easily the best candidates to do so. You can almost see the pot smoke in the air when this one’s playing. Now calling Nashville home, the band’s latest, Cannery Row, is yet another solid release from these guys.

Ten years, and a slew of lineup changes later, the band has perfected that laid back, Blues-infused Country vibe (like The Stones jamming with Gram Parsons). It’s showcased best on songs like “Oh Me Oh My” and the album opener “Like a California Wildfire”. Though not that far removed from earlier efforts, Cannery Row is their most Country-sounding album to date, which could deter some, but shouldn’t.

This far into the review if you’re not yet tempted enough to give this one a try, consider the fact that the band recruited Mickey Raphael, Willie Nelson’s long time sidekick, to play harmonica on this one. That alone is worth a listen.


Deadstring Brothers Cannery Row Review /11 tracks/Bloodshot Records /2013

Deadstring Brothers Cannery Row CD Review

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