Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HABITS Launches Trippy Video for “HAACKSAW”

Hailing from Los Angeles, Habits is the sensational brainchild of Dustin Krapes, an electronic-post-punk musician who is about to blow your mind. Just releasing the trippy new video for his current single, “Haacksaw,” which landed on Baeble Music this week, the intriguing piece is the result of hours of found video footage, which creates an artistic masterpiece. The carefully crafted piece is a montage of perfectly fitting visual images that creates a unique background to the track.

Habits makes synthesizer and sample based music, which Krapes performs on his “vintage” Macbook alongside live contributors on stage. The song “Haacksaw” originated from sampling a Bruce Haack beat, in which Krapes built a song around, while creating the perfect melody. With influences ranging from David Bowie, Animal Collective to Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Habits creates quite a cocktail.  Drawing lyrics from abstract reflections of isolation, Krapes often tries to express a sense of wonder about reality.


May 20th – Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA

May 25th – Back to the Grind – Riverside, CA

July 6th – Echo Outpost – Los Angeles, CA

HABITS Launches Trippy Video for “HAACKSAW”

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