Monday, May 13, 2013

Halo V Headband Review


When we received a Halo V headband for review, we were a little skeptical about how well sweat would be shunted from our faces. The headband is incredibly fashionable and thin, consisting of a shiny fabric (Dryline) that looks too sheer to hold any moisture. After completing an exercise in the Halo V, we were absolutely astounded at how well the company’s headbands work. The SweatBlock Seal (patented by Halo) keeps all moisture away from the face and eyes, while the headband’s closure ensures that it will remain wherever one places it.

Halo V comes in black, white, red, and royal blue colors, and can be utilized equally well by males and females. Halo has provided purchasers with a full one-year warranty to protect against manufacture issues. We’re pleased to report that after a few workouts that the Halo V has not become deformed or any less efficacious in its primary duty. Making sure that the headband is clean is utterly simple; make sure one hand-washes the head band and hangs it up to dry. The silver ions that are present in the Halo V decrease anti-microbial growth, which has been determined to be a primary cause of the “workout clothes” funk.

The Halo V can be purchased online for around $15, and will work perfectly for any sort of workout, occupation, or situation in which an individual would sweat. Visit the Halo Headband website for more information about their variety of products and to receive the latest news about the brand.

Rating: 9.0/10

Halo V Headband Review /

Halo V Headband Review

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