Monday, May 27, 2013

Swoll-n Review

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Swoll-n is a nitric oxide-boosting supplement that will boost vasodilation alongside an increase in the rate of nitric oxide production. Swoll-n contains Agmatine Sulfate (increase amount/intensity of pumps) along with Nitrates, Citrulline Malate (overall athletic performance), and Pterostilbene (increases overall health). The dose of Agmatine that is provided with Swoll-n is substantial enough to impact workouts to a significant degree; Swoll-n represents an evolution in Agmatine supplementation and should be seen as a blueprint for similar efforts that contain that compound. Three pills correspond to a serving of Swoll-n, ensuring that each bottle of Swoll-n will provide a full month’s worth of benefits.

Swoll-n’s effects can be felt after a few days of supplementation. During a leg-heavy workout, I felt a harder pump and had a better vascularity. This vascularity remained for an hour or two after working out; Swoll-n continued to impact my workouts throughout the entirety of the time which I was able to supplement.  Taken alongside omegas, a multi-vitamin, and a protein, Swoll-n ensures that an individual will be able to reach their personal bests and maintain health even through the most punishing of workouts.

Make sure to purchase Swoll-n alongside the other NLA Performance products – Supp-D, Recover-D, and T-Blast. Check out their website for more information about each of these efforts and how they can be incorporated into your workout routine. The company’s Facebook ( ) will provide potential buyers with specials and other offers to make their time supplementing with NLA Performance worthwhile.

Rating: 8.7/10

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Swoll-n Review

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