Tuesday, May 7, 2013

KinZie Feature


KinZie is a relatively new act, formed in 2011, that looks to change what individuals perceive music to be. The band’s approach to music is a collaborative one, tying together a disparate array of styles and influences into something great. This means that Shake the Foundation can call forth Detroit rock legends (Ted Nugent, The White Stripes) even as hints of industrial and alternative genres are threaded through the track. The production of KinZie’s music allows the band to create cohesion out of what would normally be a confusing and dense array of material.

The band’s inimitable style makes each track a fully different experience; it is this desire to craft with the largest palette that makes KinZie into a band to be searched out. The differences that can be heard between Guillotine and Young Vagabonds force listeners to abandon their previously-held conceptions about the band, while the complexity of the arrangements increase the replay value of each KinZie track considerably. This complexity is astonishing considering the fact that KinZie consists of two individuals – P.ori (everyman) and Ashley (vocals / guitar). Where other acts would suffer to decrease the dissonance of this full sound, KinZie relishes in creating a multi-layered approach. The act has a polish to their sound that belies their relative youth as a band; I believe that they will be able to further expand and evolve in the years to come.
155053_540899159266095_480435209_nCheck out the interview that we conducted with KinZie at neufutur.com/kinzie-interview/ . Their Facebook (www.facebook.com/KinZiemusic ) and Bandcamp ( kinzie.bandcamp.com/ ) provide more than enough information about the band’s latest news, recordings, and show dates; add them today. Their 3rd EP will be released in Summer 2013 and represents a further exposition about the band and what currently drives them.

KinZie Feature / www.reverbnation.com/kinzie

KinZie Feature

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