Thursday, May 30, 2013

Smuttynose ParadoX Beer Review


ParadoX is an interesting beer – a Session IPA, the sharpest sides of the IPA style have been rounded off by a bit of cream and floral flavors. The 5.30% ABV of ParadoX is perfect to maintain the fruit (grapefruit, lemon) flavors while providing an imbiber with a filling and refreshing body. The immediate IPA bite that is encountered rapidly dissolves, allowing the sweet side of ParadoX to shine through. The effervescence of the ParadoX allows for the beer to have a more lively flavor than many IPAs. I believe that it is this juxtaposition, this dual nature that allows ParadoX to have such a unique and unparalleled flavor. Our bottle was conditioned since January, allowing slight hints of sweeter malt to become known.

The beer stays composed to a great degree as it warms, shifting to a brighter and more constant effort after a bottle has been opened for some length of time. I feel that the ParadoX will appease fans of a wide swath of styles, and represents a beer through which individuals can introduce themselves to the IPA style. 960 bottles of ParadoX were bottled in 22 ounce size. To find out more information about ParadoX and the Short Batch series, check out the Smuttynose website for more information.

Rating: 9.0/10


ParadoX Beer Review / Smuttynose Short Batch #19 / 5.30% ABV /


Smuttynose ParadoX Beer Review

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