Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Street Drum Corps Street Drum Corps CD Review


Mix the Blue Man Group with The Avalanches and Kid Koala, and one will have a good idea of what the Street Drum Corps sound like. The disc starts off with “Wrecks”, a track that really does not need to be three and a half minutes. The use of sampling during the track gets a little repetitive by the two-two and a half minute mark, and is only saved by a little bit of interesting arrangement to finish up the track. Still, individuals still might feel as if something is missing from the Street Drum Corps.

There is obviously a great sound created by these three, but it just seems as if the final part – a rapper or the like – is missing. Tracks like “Rabbit” flow by almost too quickly, where the title track really links the Corps to the music of Herbie Hancock. Understanding that most of the Street Drum Corps music is tribally-based, is it too much to ask for one track that uses the same drums that fuel the rest of the disc but actually incorporates a rock/punk sound? At some point, fusion acts like The Transplants were interesting when they meshed together styles; how about Street Drum Corps do something like this on their next album? The Spartan sound that is created by the band in the limiting of different styles on this self-titled release has to be the major stumbling block for this band. While there are a number of different sounds that assault listeners during tracks like “Flaco 81”, the fact is that the Street Drum Corps are doing the same thing that was present on the rest of the disc.

Add a live track, or add a vocal track to this disc and chances are that individuals will be more apt to make it through the entirety of the disc. The shtick is interesting for a good half of the disc, but there needs to be more done by the band to keep individuals interested throughout the length of the EP (and by extension, an entire LP). The fact that this album is bundled with a DVD that shows a little more of what the band is and what they do helps individuals understand the music a little bit better, as well as increasing the value of the disc. Regardless, this music is decent, somewhat fun but seems to be lacking a differentiation needed to really bring matters to the next level.

Top Track: Bang!!

Rating: 5.0/10
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Street Drum Corps Street Drum Corps CD Review

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