Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eamonn Karran Distant Sun CD Review

Autumn Fall begins Distant Sun, and the sheer amount of emotion that is showcased in this piano composition is impressive. There are no vocals here, but Karran is able to imbue this introduction (and the subsequent works on Distant Sun) with a nuanced and alluring sound. The four minute-plus run times that are commonplace on Distant Sun provide Karran with more than enough time to properly express himself.

Dance of the Orca is a bold step forward for Karran. The haunting instrumentation will bring listeners to a wholly different space. The echoing, dreamy feel of this track will calm listeners while providing them with a rich story line. As the different elements of Dance of the Orca interact, listeenrs are provided with a cogent and expansive effort.

Journey of My Father sets the stage for the last third of the album. During this composition, Karran creates a close and extremely intimate sound that is built off of a classical foundation. The sheer amount of care that Karran takes in the creation of this track ensures that listeners will maintain their interest through The Traveler, Season of Light, and Distant Sun’s final effort, Aura of Life. Aura of Life is a track that provides a pensive close to this album, all while leaving the possibility open for Karran to visit some of the same themes and approaches on a follow-up. The 11 tracks present here run about 56 minutes, and the density of Karran’s compositions make this an album with serious staying power. Distant Sun can be purchased at a wide variety of retailers, both online and physical. Look to spend about $15-17 for a copy of Distant Sun.

Top Tracks: Autumn Fall, Dance of the Orca, Journey of My Father

Rating: 9.0/10DISTANT_SUN_By_Eamonn_Karran_Irish_Celti_104024179_thumbnail

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