Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gregor Morley Mad Men Single Review


The track comes forward in a very strong and confident way, with a stripped and straight forward rock approach. The guitars, drums, and vocals unite to make something that is melodic, hard-hitting, and is ultimately something that will be kicking around the minds and heards of anyone that has listened in. The specific strain of rock that Morley utilizes during Mad Men is a blend of seventies rock like AC/DC and Thin Lizzy with a much more down and dirty, contemporary feeling brand. With this eclectic sound, it is no surprise that Morley hits it out of the park with this track – with every element given their chance to shine, the track is one that has considerable replay value. The track does not dawdle; cutting off at the 3:30 mark, Morley is able to provide a perfect balance between satiating their fans and providing them with too much of a good thing.

The production is crystal clear and allows each of the constituent elements of the performers to shine through; the track just seems ready for any sort of radio rotation or podcast plays.

Make it a point to visit Morley’s website if you are interested in his music, live dates, or would like to purchase a copy of Mad Men. Keep an ear firmly planted on the ground, as rumblings indicate that the album Luxe will be available towards the end of Q1 2014.

Rating: 8.5/10

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