Friday, December 20, 2013

PELUSSJE Take Klaypex's "I Walk Alone" To New Levels of Big Room Intensity

The Italian remix colossus known as PELUSSJE have nailed it, yet again, with their massive remix of Klaypex’s “I Walk Alone”.

Check out and download a copy of Klaypex’s “I Walk Alone (PELUSSJE Remix):

Can’t See the Player? Listen and Download Online HERE!

Kicking off the pack is PELUSSJE with a huge remix that will make you rethink big room. The added complexity and unique sound clearly set this apart from any one note festival hit. It brings so much energy to the table; I can only imagine what this does to a crowd.” – (Tyler Trew, Your EDM)

Pick up the full Remix Pack FREE online HERE!

You can also check out and download FREE their huge Duran Duran “Wild Boys (PELUSSJE Reboot, 2013)”:

Can’t See The Player? Listen and Download FREE Online HERE!

The dynamic duo are also preparing to gear up for their third official US tour beginning late March, 2014, in Miami, FL. Watch for PELUSSJE US Tour Dates HERE!

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