Thursday, December 19, 2013

Susie McLean ‘Til The Morning Comes CD Review


Be Here Now is a tremendously emotional track that links together instrumental and vocal elements to create something that is tremendously effecting. McLean’s vocals are able to draw listeners in and keep them while the deftly arranged instrumentation provides the perfect backdrop.

Give Me One Reason has a bouncy sound and allows McLean to take up both jazz and funk styles, ensuring that this Tracy Chapman track is provided with a bright new veneer. The track furthers the overall sound of ‘Til The Morning Comes and keeps listeners on the edges of their seats. Make You Feel My Love will tug at listeners’ heartstrings; McLean gradually lets bare her heart and ensures that anyone that has been romantically involved will be able to identify with this beautifully-wrought effort. Straight From The Heart is McLean’s take on Bryan Adams’ 1983 classic. The immaculate production and McLean’s vocals make this into a refreshing take on a classics; I feel that the decision to keep the instrumentation on the more sedate side imbues the song with a wholly different feel than the original. While musicians struggle to make worthwhile covers, McLean is able to create cuts that are uniquely hers. Winter Soul allows listeners to be taken to a cold and crisp night, listening to McLean while sitting by a warm fire. The intimacy of the track is the cherry on the top for ‘Til The Morning Comes.

‘Til The Morning Comes can be purchased on iTunes; visit McLean’s website for samples of her music, listings for her live dates, and the ways by which one can get in contact.

Top Tracks: Straight From The Heart, Be Here Now, Give Me One Reason

Rating: 8.4/10


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