Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sherman Baker Releases Ducks in a Row

“Ducks In A Row is a song about struggling to find a purpose in life. We are told to “follow our heart” but what happens when we do that and reach a dead end? In the video I’m alternately dressing up as a Construction worker, Soldier, Referee, Security guard, Farmer and Fireman but none of these new identities really fit and at the end I’m left with the same old self.” – Sherman Baker


–Video Credits

Director, Camera, Editing – Jim Bailey

Producer, Concept – Sherman Baker

– Music Credits

Sherman Baker – Vocals, guitars

Joseph Davancens – Bass

Sam Coe – Drums

Robert Cheek – guitar

Music and lyrics by Sherman Baker

Engineered by Robert Cheek

Mixed by Larry Crane

Mastered by Monster Lab Audio

The single is currently available for free download – soundcloud.com/shermanbaker/ducks-in-a-row-sherman-baker . Check it out and let us (and Baker) know what you think.

Sherman Baker Releases Ducks in a Row