Monday, December 16, 2013

Witch Hunt Beer Review


Witch Hunt pours with an amber/orange color and a slight head that dissipates shortly after the initial pour. There is a spiced flavor to this beer that is moderated by the presence of a slight hop bite. The beer is able to stay lively with the presence of a decent dollop of carbonation; the beer is able to steer away from an overly sweet character, instead opting from something that is much more balanced (and tasty). This spiced harvest ale fits in nicely amongst the pumpkin beers that are released during autumn and the winter warmer efforts that clutter the shelves during the winter months. BridgePort has made an effort that is considerably different from their year-around efforts while having a flavor that the widest possible swath of imbibers can appreciate. Witch Hunt’s warmth and inimitable notes will be present on the palette for a decent time after the beer is finished; the eclectic blend of spices and hops will not be something that one can easily forget.

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Rating: 8.6/10

Witch Hunt Beer Review / BridgePort / 5.8% ABV /