Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sunday Driver A Letter To Bryson City CD Review


Reaching the height of cheesiness with the opening sound of a typewriter, Sunday Driver only really starts gaining my admiration on “Saboteur”, a track that mixes driving hair-band guitars with Stabbing Westward vocals. The only comment about this opening track is the teasing that Sunday Driver does with the drums, putting them out so that all can hear, but not allowing the drummer to do the Black Sabbath drum solo you know he wants to do. A radio-friendly act to say the least, as “Stare” uses more audible bass lines with Yellowcard-style violins with the sloppy vocal delivery of late-80s California punk. “Faking”, which I could swear that I’ve heard somewhere (I might have, as I do remember this band being on Fuse), starts out with a violin solo that is beautiful, and I believe it (the violin) along with a Collective Soul-esque chorus, saves the track from falling into mediocrity. All and all, this album is solid, and I would expect most of these tracks to be used as the background music for some clothing store like Gadzooks, American Eagle, or Abercrombie and Fitch. Bouncy, fun to listen to, but definitely not something that people will rate as one of the top 100 albums of all time or anything.

Top Track : Faking


Rating : 5.8/10

Sunday Driver – A Letter To Bryson City / 2003 Doghouse Records / 11 Songs / www.driveonsunday.com / www.doghouserecords.com