Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ghost Face Killah Beer Review


Ghost Face Killah is one of the most challenging beers that we have reviewed; the fire that the beer provides is granted from the ghost and habanero peppers that are included in the brewing process. While pepper beers have been a hot commodity through 2013, I feel that Ghost Face Killah is an effort that beer and hot sauce snobs will appreciate. The beer itself is incredibly smooth, with little to no hop bite present. Before the high levels of spice kick in, one will be able to discern the profiles of some of the most normally-spiced peppers (Serranos and Fresnos). The beer is slightly slow-going, and benefits greatly with an ancillary snack (Twisted Pine says that ice cream is good, but we were a fan of a glass of water and slightly salty snack).

The Ghost Face Killah would be an excellent holiday or birthday gift, while the beer itself is best enjoyed in a party setting. Visit the Twisted Pine website for more information about Ghost Face Killah and the rest of the company’s brews. While the company’s beers are not as mind-meltingly hot as Ghost Face Killah, they are crafted with the same care as this effort. Check your local beer stores to see if they stock Twisted Pine.

Rating: 7.8/10

Ghost Face Killah / 5.0% ABV / Twisted Pine Brewing Company / www.twistedpinebrewing.com