Monday, December 30, 2013

Herr Baked Ripple Cut Potato Crisps – Jalapeno Flavored and Sweet Potat


The chips are crispy without being greasy, and have a nice level of heat to them. The peppery flavor of the chips stand up well to repeat snacking; Herr’s has crafted a flavor profile for their potato crisps that not only is innovative, but will please the greatest possible amount of Herr’s fans. For those that are conscious about their health, this addition to the Herr’s baked line has only 2 grams of fat (3% of the RDV) per each ounce. The 110 calorie count of the serving is small enough that individuals even on the most restrictive of diets will be able to find a place for the Jalapeno crisps on their plate.

The Sweet Potato Baked Crisps are perhaps the strongest of the batch. Herr’s provides a distinct offering on the traditional potato chip flavor by including sweet potatos into the mix. There is a good blend of sweet and slightly salty here, lending themselves well to the chip format. I would like to have a little pepper profile to the Sweet Potato chips, but I feel that introducing the collective palette to sweet potato in chip format is enough of a start.

Make sure to visit your local store to purchase a bag of the Herr Baked Ripple Cut Potato Crisps, and take a look at the company’s website for more information about the full breadth of their offerings. Herr’s is really good about releasing new products in a rapid fashion, so make sure to keep looking out for the new varietals of their crisps efforts.

Rating: 8.5/10


Herr Baked Ripple Cut Potato Crisps – Jalapeno Flavored  and Sweet Potato / $3.99 /