Sunday, December 15, 2013

Future Us We Are Future Us EP Review


No Good is an innovative blend of rock and electronic music, allowing the track to immediately catch listeners and keep them interested through the whole of this seven-track EP. A strong set of female vocals works alongside an emotive and technically brilliant instrumentation. The guitar that whips up at points during No Good provides additional narration to an already dense and detailed track. On My Mind has a slower burn; this track soars on the inimitable vocals and shuffling arrangements of the band. The slight EDM / dubstep influence that is peppered through On My Mind works; the band is able to ratchet up the tension and keep fans on the edges of their seats. I Belong To You keeps things fresh and interesting; the band is able to dig deep into the industrial and DJ-heavy electronic rock (Linkin Park) styles for a track that is tremendously passionate and alluring.

In Your Kiss is a track that will get listeners on the dance floor; the build-up to the chorus is incredibly fun, while the band is able to shift over to We Are Future Us’ penultimate track, Swooning. Swooning speeds things up slightly. This intense and dense composition will provide listeners with considerable replay value. Fuck Shit Up finishes this EP and really describes what Future Us are all about. The band lays waste to the music scene with this seven-track salvo, and in doing so, will gain legions of fans salivating for a full length.

While each of the tracks on We Are Future Us is radio-worthy, I feel that the smart musicianship and hard to define style makes Future Us into a must-hear act.

Top Tracks: I Belong To You, In Your Kiss

Rating: 8.4/10


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