Monday, June 16, 2014

Best Not Broken Falling In EP Review

I Won’t Stop Loving You showcases Best Not Broken’s confident approach to rock, touching upon hints of Green Day and the Goo Goo Dolls. The drums, guitars, and vocals push each other to greater heights as the track comfortably settles down. Breaking My Heart is a mash-up of Weezer and Interpol; Best Not Broken keeps the momentum high with a sentiment that will be understandable if you have ever loved somebody.

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Listerine slows things down allowing the vocals to take up a dominant position; these vocals take on double-duty in the establishment of a narrative and furthers the complexity of the instrumental side of things. The track allows the band to update a mid-nineties alternative rock style with influences as diverse as Maroon 5. Tell Me That You Want Me is a sharp and angular track in the vein of The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand. The band expands upon the genre by having smooth and sultry vocals create intense and interesting interplays with this hard-nosed sound.

Anarchy is the final track on Falling In, establishing Best Not Broken as an act that will not let their listeners take a break; the track comes in with a tempo that is a blend of Listerine and I Won’t Stop Loving You. The presence of this cut increases the cohesiveness of the album considerably. The production on Falling In showcases the sheer confidence of Best Not Broken, ensuring that each of the tracks on Falling In could easily make it to rotation. Visit Best Not Broken’s website or Facebook ( ) for more information about the Falling In EP and their tour dates.

Top Tracks: I Won’t Stop Loving You, Tell Me That You Want Me

Rating: 8.5/10

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