Monday, June 9, 2014

Matchstickmen Acoustic Grooves to Soothe the Soul EP Review

Few artists are able to do the acoustic-only release to the same effect as Nirvana and other acts took to MTV’s Unplugged twenty years ago. England’s Matchstickmen are able to imbue their own unique style and a radio-friendly demeanor into each track on their latest release. Jealous Times hangs perfectly with the Counting Crows and Blues Traveler, while Dark Blues is darkly emotional and simultaneously touches upon the seventies and nineties.


The vocals take up hints of Kenny Wayne Shepard, while the richness of the guitar / bass interplay is parallel to The Eagles or Jane’s Addiction. While the track weighs heavy on the scales at four-plus minutes, the Matchstickmen are able to keep listeners on the edges of their seats until the cut’s conclusion.

Our First Goodnight is one f the most beautiful songs that I have heard this year. It opens with a vocal approach that is as much Neil Young as it is John Mayer, while the acoustic guitar provides listeners with a close and cozy sound. The band’s goodwill is further increased during Wilson’s Lane. This late-disc effort immediately establishes a dark emotionality and bleak backdrop that permeates all facets of the song. The vocals are but one of the dominant elements here – the guitars strive for dominance and push that track that much further into the hearts and minds of listeners.  Acoustic Grooves to Soothe the Soul is currently available on iTunes and Amazon, while further information about the Matchstickmen can be located on their main domain ( ) or their social media profiles ( ) and ( ) .

Top Tracks: Jealous Times, Our First Goodnight

Rating: 8.3/10

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