Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mighty Fox To Release 'Oceans' EP on June 24

Mighty Fox will release their EP ‘Oceans’ on June 24. See cover art and track listing below.

‘Oceans’ is now available for pre-order on iTunes with an instant grat track of the first single “Wild Ones”.

Check out the music video for “Wild Ones” here.

Mighty Fox will play an album release show on June 19 at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

mighty fox oceans cover

Oceans Track Listing:

Wild Ones

This Is Our Life

Let Go

Sweet Symphony

Tom’s Song


About Mighty Fox:

Mighty Fox isn’t just a musical project but rather a journey. As an up-and-coming group based in Chicago that has already gotten industry professionals stirring, it’s clear that this project is more than just a “band” but rather a way of life for the musicians involved. Each song has the listener noticing the many different artists that influence Mighty Fox and how they’ve effected the lives of the members. With bands like Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, U2, Mumford & Sons, and Go Radio being considered substantial influences, Mighty Fox has a very well rounded sound that anyone and everyone can relate to and enjoy. Don’t let the names fool you though. Mighty Fox has definitely found a sound of their own which translates incredibly to their live show.