Friday, June 20, 2014

Marc E. Bassy - "Cigarettes"

Marc E. Bassy is proud to announce the upcoming release of his forthcoming EP, Only The Poet for July 29th and is releasing his first single “Cigarettes” premiering at SPIN. Produced by Casper and B, the soulful track showcases an ambient trap-laden aesthetic, featuring Marc’s heartfelt rhymes and singing. Ditching your typical synth bassline for sustained triads played by a bevy of low-brass instruments underneath Marc’s singing and rapping, the song fosters a rich, ethereal multi-layered sonic landscape that sounds warm and slow-motion at the same time. Marc creates a personal narrative detailing his previous relationships and the love for the music he creates as well as the emotional strain it also brings.

“Cigarettes is a song about the choice you have to make as an artist when dealing with romance. It’s very personal to me I talk about previous lost love and how it is parallel to current love. “Cigarettes” is also about the way that when you truly love something like music there’s always medicine to fill the void that comes with being a person. Music is there for me like cigarettes,” Marc states.


Only The Poet features production by Count BassyThe NICNACBEATS and Billion Coast blending Hip-Hop, RnB and soul stylings into something completely new. The ten song EP showcases Marc’s versatility as a singer and tackles topics not often addressed by the mainstream. “We’re trying to do more over here than put out random songs and pretend like we know about fashion,” he explains. The project is set to be released on July 29th.

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Tracklist for Marc E. Bassy - Only The Poet


01- Poets (Prod. by Count Bassy)

02- Catch Myself (Prod. by Casper and B)

03- Cigarettes (Prod. by Casper and B)

04- Over The Water ft. NHT Chippas (Prod. by Count Bassy, Casper and B)

05- Girls Get Down (Prod. by Casper and B, Count Bassy)

06- Chemical High (Remix)

07- Playa Playa (Prod. by Count Bassy)

08- Stick to Your Guns (Prod. by Count Bassy, Billion Coast, Casper and B)

09- American Dreamlife (Prod. by Count Bassy)

Marc E. Bassy Background:

San Francisco-born Future RnB singer songwriter Marc E. Bassy is an artist who refuses to be pigeonholed. Inspired by the Bay Area Rap he grew up with as well as traditional Soul/RnB music, Marc has always found himself balancing between the two. Not only has Marc written songs for 2 ChainzSean KingstonChris Brown and Wiz Khalifa but he has also found success with his former Rap/Rock group 2AM Club, whose 2010 debut album What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? reached #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers charts. His debut solo EP Only The Poet, will be released later this summer marking the beginning of a superstar on the rise in the next phase in his career.


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“Chemical High” (Video):