Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blast Pre-workout Review

Blast is a pre-workout that provides considerable energy which drastically increases focus for an extended length of time. More than that, the pre-workout allows for greater increases in muscle through the inclusion of Adenosine 5-Monophosphate (5-AMP) and Adenosine. The presence of Creatine Polyprotic draws water into muscles, while AAKG is included to increase pump and vascularity. Further vasodilation is achieved with the addition of Niacin, while Beta Alanine boosts carnosine levels during and after a work out. Blast succeeds due to their Ion Pump Technology, granting an overall better absorption and utilization of the pre-workout’s active compounds. The caffeine presence here allows for additional reps and a greater intensity from the pre-workout to the cool down period in the hours immediately following a session at the gym.

The miscibility of Blast ensures a smooth and consistent drink each time out. The Fruit Punch flavor is similar to the powdered juices of individuals’ childhood; Side Effect also sells a Raspberry iteration of Blast.  Look to spend about $30 for a bottle of Blast, which contains 45 servings.

Make sure to visit the Side Effect Sports website for further information about Blast and the company’s other offerings; .

Rating: 9.0/10

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