Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dyanne Harvey Whiskey & Wine EP Review

Whiskey & Wine is the new EP from Dyanne Harvey, and it contains five new compositions that, taken together, paints a good picture of where Harvey has been and wants to go with her career. The titular track Whiskey & Wine is catchy, with both the instrumental arrangements and Harvey’s vocals tattooing themselves upon listeners’ minds and hearts. The track is destined for radio (and online) rotation and represents a fresh and fun deviation from what is currently on the charts.


Run has a bouncy and catchy introduction that opens up to a style that deftly blends together cabaret, blues, and country music. The powerful voice of Harvey during this track keeps the momentum of the release high, while the scintillating array of instruments here provide a fullness and depth that acts as the icing on the cake. A narrative is crafted here that ensures that listeners are on the edges of their seats. Truth Be Told is a confident and mature track that showcases the large vocal range of Harvey, while allowing the instrumentation ample room to expand. The track flirts with both pop and country styling, taking on just as much Stevie Nicks and Joan Osborne.

Don’t Grow Old Without Me is a tremendously emotional track that pairs Harvey’s vocals with a mournful and darkly emotive guitar. A piano line keeps tempo while soaring high; these disparate elements are able to unite to make for an incredible end to a stellar extended play. Whiskey & Wine is available at iTunes, while information about Harvey, samples of her music, and tour dates can be located at her website. For the latest in information about Harvey, visit her Facebook and Twitter.

Top Tracks: Whiskey & Wine, Don’t Grow Old Without Me

Rating: 8.3/10

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