Saturday, June 7, 2014

Youthire - Connecting Cities and Getting Work Done

Youthire attempts to link local youth to their neighborhood, and is a community-based website that allows individuals to join, post a job, or to register as a job provider. The website encapsulates neighborhoods into units that can further foster care amongst their users. The user base allows for a variety of cities to be hot-beds of activity.

The company discusses in their mission statement that they wish to create a better civic engagement for their users. As the civic fabric has began to unravel with the increasing prevalence of the internet, the ability to actually meet and talk with other users about small jobs on Youthire may just be what rectifies that problem. What results is a great service that allows for debating of terms and payments, the ability to compare a number of distinct applicants, and to rapidly contact a member to complete whatever task that one may have.

The website is designed in such a way that individuals will easily be able to create a profile, post a job / apply for a position, and be placed in conversation with another user. Make sure to visit for more information about the company and to see who is currently active in your neck of the woods. For those chores that one would like to just ignore, Youthire is a great website to find capable individuals at a rate that one will be willing to pay.  There is already a great user base for the service, but the number of interested individuals will only continue to increase as the site continues to operate.