Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nettie Rose People I Know CD Review

Ride Ride Ride is a straight-forward retelling of early country. Rose’s vocals are gritty with a tinge of sweetness; taken alongside the guitars and percussion, they make for a track that will stick with listeners long after the track ceases.

To The West is an effort that immediately inculcates a cozy and down-home style, while the narrative of Rose here is tremendously detailed and easy on the ears.

For My Young Lord Drake is one of the longer compositions on People I Know, and the extended length of the track provides Rose and the rest of the band ample opportunity to create a rich and detailed soundscape. As Rose begins after the instrumental interlude, the track begins to gain momentum. The rising action employed here showcases the talent of Rose; throughout all tempos achieved by this effort, Rose crafts beautiful and hopeful lyrics that fit perfectly.

Last Chance Saloon is hard-hitting and wind-swept, creating one of the most brilliant and guttural compositions on People I Know. The track tattoos its rhythm deep on the synapses of listeners and gives them enough of a jolt to keep them listening through the end of Mean Manblues. Nettie Rose comes to the plate with a number of different styles and influences, expanding upon country and pop music in a way in an invigorating fashion. This intimate set of tracks holds up to repeat listening, providing a panoply of emotions through these spring months and beyond. Add Nettie Rose on Facebook for the latest in information, tour dates, and scoops on her new music. I know that I will be eagerly anticipating the follow up to People I Know.

Top Tracks:  To The West, For My Young Lord Drake, Last Chance Saloon

Rating: 8.6/10

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