Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tan A Summer to Remember CD Review

Heat Wave is a tremendously hopeful pop-punk song that is replete with sizzling guitars and emotive lyrics. Tan is carefree music in the vein of Metro Station or Sum 41. The production of tracks on A Summer to Remember is tremendously lush, making it easy for these tracks to make it onto pop rotation. If I Could I Would is an effort firmly ensconced in the pop tradition; Tan’s vocals are delightful while feeling incredibly honest and earnest. The track represents another rotation slam dunk, as the harmonies reached and instrumentation included give this effort considerable staying power.

Tonight is a softer and more orchestral composition. The epic combination of instrumental and vocal elements is further bolstered through shifts in time signatures and an expanded set of styles; Tan has created a track in Tonight that will resound loudly for those born in the 1960s to today. A Summer to Remember concludes with Perfect Try, an effort that showcases Tan’s vocal range. While there is a particularly robust arrangement behind Tan’s vocals, this really feels for me to be a victory lap. Tan has created a stellar EP that will make fans from listeners. Pick up a copy of A Summer to Remember and see Tan’s fun and peppy approach to pop music; here’s to hoping that a full-length follow up to A Summer to Remember will be in the cards.

Top Tracks: Heat Wave, If I Could I Would

Rating: 8.8/10

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