Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vokab Kompany x Knight Riderz - "Show Up" (feat. Siya)

California-based Hip-Hop/EDM hybrid Vokab Kompany have teamed up with Canadian “Future Booty Bass” producer Knight Riderz and Brooklyn MC Siya to release their latest single, “Show Up,” via Do Androids Dance. This marks the second time Vokab Kompany and Knight Riderz have worked together, the first collaboration being “Just Above the Clouds.” Knight Riderz has described his production as “Future Booty Bass” and infuses elements from EDM sub-genres such as Trap and Moombahton. His production style serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase Vokab Kompany’s genre-hopping capabilities seamlessly.


The party-friendly single opens with Siya rhyming confidently over the track that’s juxtaposed with ambient production full of stuttering vocal echoes, synth sounds, and reverb; slowly building into a low BPM frenzy full of hi-hats, bass and horns. Following Siya’s verse, the focus shifts to Vokab Kompany’s Rob Hurt and Burkey. Showcasing their rhyming prowess, the group raps ferociously over the beat, switching up their flows into double time and back before refraining to the track’s title. “Show Up” follows their 2013 release, V-Sides, a collection of remixes and collaborations. Previous releases include 2011′s Quit Sleep and 2012′s VKCE.


Listen to “Show Up”: soundcloud.com/vokabkompany/vokab-kompany-x-knight-riderz-feat-siya/s-B1ajd


Check out the Do Androids Dance premiere: doandroidsdance.com/audio/vokab-kompany-knight-riderz-ft-siya-show-up/