Monday, June 16, 2014

Namasté Yoga CD Review

Kiran Murti begins Namasté Yoga with a timeless sort of composition that provides listeners with an authentic feeling; by the end of the track, listeners will be able to tackle the nearly ten-minute Guru Charanam by Sacred Earth. The track has an atmospheric feel that approximates the winds and cold chill that a late-Spring outdoor gathering would have. The momentum ebbs and flows in a fashion that ensures that listeners will continue to be motivated throughout. The sheer depth and breadth of Sacred Earth’s compositions during this composition acts as a brief introduction to the similarly extensive array of styles and approaches that are taken on Yoga.1262_NamasteYoga-mini

Karunesh gives things alluring with Flowing Bamboo, a six-plus minute effort that leads listeners through a number of soundscape. While the track begins with bold, strong strokes, the woodwinds and additional instruments unites to create a cogent and beautiful composition. Kiran Murti’s Pitta is the penultimate track on Namasté Yoga and draws listeners back to a timeless and classical experience. The track is able to create a narrative that resounds with fans long after the album has ceased. While the track only reaches the 3-minute mark, Murti makes this arrangement one for the ages. Sacred Earth’s Moola Mantra completes this release, the perfect yin to Murti’s yang; the album begins and ends with the same Murti / Sacred Earth dynamic. The ordering of these tracks creates a strong sense of finality – listeners are given a beginning and an end to a yoga session.

Samples of Namasté Yoga can be located on Real Music’s domain, while further information about their releases can be found at their Facebook or Twitter profiles. The album will be available for purchase on July 18th.

Top Tracks: Sacred Earth Guru Charanam, Kiran Murti Pitta

Rating: 8.6/10