Sunday, June 8, 2014

LECTAMYNOL Release New Promo for Free Download/Streaming

LECTAMYNOL have returned with a new 4 track promo entitled “Steady Repulsion Build-Up.” As a continued manipulation of their blackened, grimy, thrashing deathcrust sound, this new offering gives the underground a freakish slab of twisted sound harvested through the dark winter months of 2013/2014. “Steady Repulsion Build-Up” is the result; 4 songs of ear-bleeding dementia now available for free streaming and free download.




“Steady Repulsion Build-Up” TrackList

1 Hayrake And Spade

2 Bleak Cavalry

3 Seven Billion Minus One

4 Steady Repulsion Build-Up

Cover Art:

LECTAMYNOL started in January 2011 when drummer Michiel (Grimaelkin, Carboram) and guitarist David (Neuthrone, Holefiller, TPOG, Möse) teamed up to satisfy their lust for ferocious trash. Later joined by bassist Dieter (Trauma Exposure, Carboram,…) and vocalist Dirk (All2ruin, D’onderhond, Repression O.D.), the onset of serious filth was at hand.

Combining diverse musical styles and shredding them meticulously, the sound of LECTAMYNOL results in a swirling mass of fast & noisy extreme metal infused with dreary doom and a hint at melodious and sick beauty.

By October 2012, 4 songs were selected to be recorded at Majestic Underground studio. The goal was to clearly show the intentions of the band – not black/death/thrash metal as we know it, but rather a drop of musical bile extracted from the boils of life, abrasive from every angle.

Small tours in France and Germany then ensued, giving the band an opportunity to fully fester, weave and tangle their spells of mental impotence and universal uselessness.

Musically a step further into the nameless void – lyrically still down to earth as a can of worms can get – LECTAMYNOL are currently working on a full length record for late 2014,

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