Monday, June 9, 2014

Giana Factory's second album 'Lemon Moon' Out Today

The record is produced by electronic music maverick Anders Trentemoller. It incorporates personal stories and musings on the interconnectivity of relationships between people and their relationship to the world. “Our intention with the new songs was to cut them to their bones by trusting the melodies, lyrics and sounds enough to let the songs stand naked and uncontrolled’. They likened Lemon Moon’s creative process with building a screenplay, as new characters and storylines entered the picture until the final product materialized, exploring and playing with the concept of time and place, dream and reality.


The artwork for the album is exclusively designed by Italian visual artist Andrea Galvani who draws from other disciplines and often assuming scientific methodologies. His conceptual research informs his use of photography, video, drawing, and installation.

‘We had a studio visit with Andrea in New York City and we immediately asked him to collaborate with us on the new album. We extremely love the project he’s developed for us. His work perfectly incorporates the ideas of travel, of unexplored territory and spirituality that our new sound contains.  Reflection of light, darkness and celestial bodies are the opposite visual elements that Galvani orchestrated to extend our feeling of space and time.’ - Giana Factory



Check out the video of their first single from the album, also named LEMON MOON. It features a real life exorcism performed by Bob Larson.

Lemon Moon: 

The second single to be released from the album is I LIVE AT NIGHT which was chosen as the most played song on Danish National Radio P3 – an achievement that Giana Factory are extremely proud of.

I Live At Night: