Monday, June 9, 2014

CuteDJ Review

CuteDJ  ( which is available at ) is one of the best programs that we have utilized to decrypt the mystery of becoming a capable DJ. While there are a number of other DJ programs on the market, the simple fact is that there is a tremendous amount of learning curve to be had. The interface of CuteDJ is easy to understand while still providing users with a tremendous amount of functionality.

Beat-matching is a hallmark of DJs and CuteDJ’s front and center method of application ensures that anyone that can fire up the program will be able to do so. Autoplay options ensure a high energy for whatever party or show one might be playing, while CuteDJ is able to utilize a wide variety of formats. The availability of the program to utilize the different formats (a list which includes cdg zip, wma, mp3, mpeg, avi, and countless others) allows DJs to come forth and utilize all forms of their music.

The foot stamp (memory and processor) of CuteDJ is small enough that the program can be installed and used to its full potential no matter how close to cutting-edge one’s computer might be. The program should be downloaded by any individual from 10 and up. The simple intuitiveness of CuteDJ is enough to make anyone that downloads it into some form of electronic dance artist, no matter if they just create a mix or actually modify any of their favorite tracks.