Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Audrey Cher Releases Latest Track "Follow You"

Audrey Cher is a singer/ songwriter and artist, whose music has been tagged as soul-inspiring and uplifting. “There is a place where rivers flow and there is healing for my soul, I want to rest in your presence. Where you lead me, I will Follow, I will Follow You.”

“Follow You” begins with her anointed and smooth vocals coupled with a soft and melodic piano intro. Throughout the song, Audrey Cher’s beautiful vocals melodically communicate her heart’s desire to follow God and rest in his presence.

“Follow You” is Audrey Cher’s debut single and is one of many songs which Audrey has been gifted to share with the supporters and followers.

Supporters of Audrey Cher’s music will receive a treat on June 6th during a “Listening Party” in the Chicago area, where Audrey will sing “Follow You” and more music from her upcoming project, The Intro.

Look out for more info on Audrey Cher’s listening party, scheduled for June 6th.