Monday, April 13, 2015

Saranac Legacy IPA


Saranac has re-released the brewery’s century-old IPA recipe and has christened it their Legacy IPA. This beer pours with an amber to gold coloration and a tenacious off-white head that slides down the glass. There is a slight hop presence to the beer’s initial nose that is paralleled when one takes their first sip; the beer contains a bevy of hops (Citra, Cluster, Golding, and Simcoe among others). There is a crispness here that ties together hoppy and malty notes with a solid bitter wallop at the end of the pull.Legacy-Tacker

Saranac’s Legacy IPA is eminently drinkable and hides both its alcohol content (6.5% ABV) and IBU (60) well; there is a wheaty, malty side to the beer that comes through at points. I feel that Saranac’s Legacy IPA would be an excellent introduction for those that have not had the chance to experience IPAs. This beer is not the overwhelming hop bomb that could turn off newbies immediately, but it does possess enough twists and turns that even old hands will find something that can be appreciated. The beer would work admirably with pork, chicken, fish and a variety of cuisines / plates (Asian/Indian, BBQ, charcuterie)

Saranac’s website contains information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal efforts, their sodas, and information concerning the tours at the brewery. For the latest in updates about this wizened (but still incredibly flexible) brewery, add one of Saranac’s social media profiles.

Legacy IPA is available as a year-round offering wherever one can purchase Saranac beers.

Rating: 8.7/10

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