Friday, April 24, 2015

Marc E. Bassy - "Some Things Never Change

which he announced will be released next Monday, April 27th. The San Francisco native, LA-based artist previously released his Only The Poets EP in the summer of 2014, receiving praise by the likes of Billboard, Complex, SPIN, and more.

“I was coming up with soul feels but trying to find modern twists and bouncing flows over the guitar,” Marc explained. “When I say ‘money, fame,’ it’s not really just about that, I’m trying to convey that once you’ve begun dedicating your life to something like entertainment you can’t really escape. It’s an all or nothing path… At some point there isn’t any turning back. This song, and I guess this whole [East Hollywood] project is about what happened to me after I did that… This is about classic American dream chasing shit, and what it takes to stick to your guns.”

Marc E. Bassy’s commitment to evolving his artistry knows no depth. The former 2AM Club member abandoned his deal with RCA to pursue a career as a solo singer/songwriter. He has penned cuts for popstress PIA MIA while writing on songs for 2Chainz and Sean Kingston, the latter scoring a hit single “Beat It” with Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa. Time and time again, Marc has shown versatility and dimension as an artist. “I’m one of those people who can create in real-time, so I like to delve into different genres and be a part of as many things that inspire me as possible,” he explained. “My rule is I write music every single day, and the songs that could only be done by Marc E. Bassy – those are Marc E. Bassy songs…anything else goes to the highest bidder.” Stay tuned for his East Hollywood EP, which is slated to release next week.

San Francisco-born Future RnB singer songwriter Marc E. Bassy is an artist who refuses to be pigeonholed. Inspired by the Bay Area Rap he grew up with as well as traditional Soul/RnB music, Marc has always found himself balancing between the two. Not only has Marc written songs for 2 Chainz, Sean Kingston, Allen Stone, Rince Royce, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa but he has also found success with his former Rap/Rock group 2AM Club, whose 2010 debut album What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? reached #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers charts. His debut solo EP Only The Poets, was released the summer of 2014, marking the beginning of the next phase in his career.