Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vinyl Williams Releases "Into" 7/24

Vinyl Williams is the moniker of Lionel Williams, 25 year old Los Angeles based artist and experimental-pop musician.  ‘Into’, his startlingly accomplished second album, effortlessly fuses psych, krautrock, ambient and shoegaze into a transcendental whole.

All of the album’s 14 tracks are written, performed and produced solely by the multi-instrumentalist Williams, lead track ‘World Soul’ sounds like celestial soul music rippling outward into blissful sonic geography.


Vinyl Williams on Into:

“Into’ was made to help subconsciously stimulate as well as soothe the listener into a critically neutral / balanced mental state. The main technique employed was through the incorporation of opposites into the sound and visual, such as meditative abrasiveness.”

Williams is the grandson of film composer John Williams and the son of Mark Towner Williams, drummer for Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Tina Turner, and Air Supply; his mother Leah was a classical pianist. He grew up in a Mormon community in Utah, USA. As a direct reaction to religious dissonances experienced in Utah, he has experimented with audio as a pragmatic healing tool. He also created one of the world’s first truly interactive music videos (players could explore an environment and manipulate individual elements of audio with their movements.