Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jean “Geno” Sylvain / Genetics By Geno

Genetics By Geno is a bit of a misnomer; the work that Geno has done to improve his body to one of the best in the world is largely due to his own sheer drive and determination. The information that he provides in his gym and online will similarly benefit anyone that is looking to cut down weight, build up strength, and be as healthy as humanely possible.abster_capsule_sm

Geno Sylvain is a major name in competitive bodybuilding, and has taken on a scholarly role to ensure the overall fitness of those seeking his advice is as high as possible. Genetics By Geno, his gym, offers personal training for those individuals at any sort of fitness level. His personal training will rapidly identify issues with individuals’ workout regimens or outright provide people with the set of physical activities that they need to ensure that they can reach a higher level of fitness.  Geno is so sure of his programs that he offers $500 to anyone that can lose 60 pounds on the Abster products (the all-natural and gluten-free Geno Energy Bars and Abster Cookies) and plan; without any sort of deadline or other constraints, interested individuals can make five bills by the end of 2015.  His complex has expanded due to the demand of those in the Forest Hills area; his increased business should be an indicator that what he is doing is working.geno_vest_sm

For more information, including a full list of the programs that he offers, visit his main domain at . While there, one can find information about his employees, purchase The Abster and Geno’s own meal plan.

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