Monday, April 27, 2015

Omar Bowing Warrior Single Review

Omar Bowing has released a new single, Warrior. The track is able to tie together the work of Judas Priest, Dio, and Mercyful Fate into something that is extraordinarily catchy while being heavy as all get out. There is a certain theatricality to this track that is reminiscent of Alice Cooper or early Aerosmith, while the complexity of this single calls forth comparisons to Megadeth or Blind Guardian. Taken together, this is a full track that can be enjoyed on any sort of rock station just as easily as it will be devoured by fans of intricate metal. The constituent elements of Warrior – Omar’s guitarviol, Tyson’s vocals, Will’s drums and Martin’s bass – far outstrip the average track being released on this side of the Atlantic.  warrior design

The production of Warrior allows the distinct elements of the track ample opportunity to shine, while there are enough twists and turns to be heard during this track to further bolster the replay value. The lead out of this track is a Bacchanalian orgy of guitars, drums, and vocals; while this track cuts out before the three and a half minute mark, there is an epic feeling to the cut that will have it resounding loudly in listeners’ ears long after the track has ceased to play. Make it a point to visit Omar Bowing’s domain and social networking profiles for samples of his music and further information about his discography and future releases. Keep an eye for Bowing’s next single Amen; if it possesses a fragment of the passion and technical skill of Warrior, it will truly be a track to search out and play.

Rating: 8.7/10

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