Thursday, April 9, 2015

Double Dread Imperial Red Ale

Double Dread, Mad River Brewing’s Imperial Red Ale, pours with an incredibly dark brown to red coloration and an off-white head that winds its way down the glass as one continues to drink the beer. There is a decent sweetness, surprising considering the higher ABV of the brew (8.6% ABV); one will be unable to discern the 8.6% ABV of Double Dread until a while after they have completed the brew.


The slight amount of hop bite that remains after a sip of Double Dread keeps things interesting for future sips; there is a refreshing nature to this presence that makes it seem utterly new the next time that one hoists Double Dread to their lips again. The beer is able to provide a cogent set of flavors at each point during Double Dread; this is an effort that anyone that appreciates Irish reds or the imperial red variant can dig completed.

Make sure to visit Mad River’s website for additional information about their seasonal and year-round line up; the brewery has been able to create some awe-inspiring beers over the course of the last 17 years and Mad River does not seem to be slowing down in the slightest in 2015.

Rating: 8.7/10

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