Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Violet Night – I Hope You’re Well Single Review

A rich piano starts I Hope You’re Well, a track the is extremely touching and intricate while still having a very radio-friendly track. I Hope You’re Well  possesses a production that allows the distinct elements of Violet Night to shine alone and as a cohesive unit. The track feels like late Blink 182 or Taking Back Sunday, while being a bit more firmly located in the rock tradition. The spot-on drumming is a high point of the track, with masterful fills uniting the vocals and guitars presented on the track.a0732253957_10

The track has enough subtle twists and turns to keep listeners interested from beginning to end, providing them with a tremendous introduction to this act. There is considerable replay value to I Hope You’re Well – the density and intricate nature of the track will have listeners finding something new the third or fifth time that they put on the track. The Youtube link provided showcases a whole different facet to Violet Night and I Hope You’re Well; the rough-hewn black and white track provides additional highlighting of specific words and phrases, all while providing additional context to this effecting track.

The lead-out for the track spins things to a close with a nice, thick bow – listeners are given a ton to think about in the space of four minutes, all while fostering a love for Violet Night that will ensure that fans are eagerly anticipating anything new from this British Columbia (Canada) act.   Make it a point to visit the Violet Night Bandcamp for additional information about I Hope You’re Well and the band’s Facebook for additional information regarding any further music coming from their camp.

Rating: 8.7/10

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