Sunday, April 26, 2015

Smuttynose Rhye IPA

Smuttynose’s Rhye IPA pours with a dark yellow to orange-brown coloration and a light brown to yellowish head. The lacing will creep its way down the glass as one continues. This Rhye IPA has a vibrant flavor that ties together an india pale ale hop bite with a bold, spicy rye flavor profile. There is a considerably heavier backbone to this effort than many IPAs, and I feel that this could be utilized as an easy way in to hoppier elements but those that are not very familiar with the style.

dp0j4t3ct4dw6q0vz0ohAs Rhye IPA continues to warm up, the overall flavor profile continues to become more varied. There are hints of wheat, cayenne, and black pepper that can be pulled out. The beer is able to hide the alcohol content perfectly, making for an effort that is downright dangerous when one decides to drink a couple. It has the body to keep individuals warm through the spring nights but has a lightness that makes it easy for individuals to use it as a thirst quencher through the summer months. As Smuttynose’s Rhye IPA continues to warm, the hop side of things comes into focus; it is this astringency that allows individuals to have a refreshed palette and brings them back time and time again until the glass / bottle has been finished. The hop assault calms down towards the second half of the beer, making it easy for individuals to finish up and open a new bottle or can.

Smuttynose’s Rhye IPA is available in six-packs on an occasional basis. For additional information about the brewery’s seasonal and year-round offerings, make sure to visit . The company’s social media profiles have more up to date information about their new releases and their brewpub.

Rating: 8.6/10

Rhye IPA / 7.7% ABV / 89 IBU /  / /