Monday, April 6, 2015

Biana Kovic Freed Single Review

Biana Kovic’s Freed is a composition that has a number of distinct elements that unite to create incredible depth. The track weighs in at half and a half minutes, but the interplay between these elements is so successful that the track occupies a space much larger in the minds and hearts of listeners. The rising and falling action of Freed, coupled with a brilliant use of chiaroscuro makes for an inviting disposition. The production of Freed represents the glue that binds these elements together into a neat package.


Biana’s cello is one of many parts to Freed, but the guitar and percussion included here are at the same high quality. Everyone associated with this composition gives it their all, making this track into something special. The world music thread that is weaved through Freed is moored with a timeless, classical-based ear for the arrangements. There are heavier and lighter elements to this track that provided enough variation and momentum to see listeners to the end. This is an instrumental composition, but the large cast of contributions makes for a story that is as interesting and fleshed-out as any novel or movie. Taken alongside Kovic’s One Perfect Moment, Freed showcases a considerably different set of influences. While there is an overall theme to Freed, where Biana begins and ends the composition are miles from one another. It is her ability as a cellist and as a composer that unites these disparate elements into something beautiful.

To hear and purchase Freed and its extended version, visit Kovic’s domain. The tracks can also be purchased from CDBaby ( Keep an eye (and ear) on each for news concerning the follow-up to One Perfect Moment and Freed.

Rating: 8.9/10

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