Tuesday, April 7, 2015

John Tomiano Pain Relief Single Review

John Tomiano is a performer that has been crafting unique compositions that have received accolades over the last five years. Pain Relief is his latest single (released in March), and the composition does much to show listeners, even those that have been fans of John’s for years, that he is still creating music at the cutting edge of genre and style.


Pain Relief is a high-energy track that takes the bouncy, happy sound of acts like The Kinks and pushes it to a new level with a set of vocals that are reminiscent of Mick Jagger and Michael Hutchence. The clear production of Pain Relief makes this track one that is ready for radio rotation. The ability of Tomiano to tie together a wide variety of genres from the seventies to the 2010s makes this track broadly applicable to a wide swath of listeners. The clap track elicits comparisons to OK Go, while the vocals continue to shift and change to take up the standards of Tom Petty and Owl City. A confident guitar provides the more gritty elements, to which the more electronic touches of Pain Relief can play off of. There are a number of things that are occurring during Pain Relief, but the talent of Tomiano is enough to bring all of the disparate elements together into something that will stick with listeners long after the track has ceased.

Make it a point to bookmark Tomiano’s ReverbNation for samples of his music and add his Facebook profile for the latest in information about this talented performer. Pain Relief is a track that will be played throughout the spring and early summer at NeuFutur headquarters.

Rating: 8.5/10

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