Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gumshen DIGIBITES CD Review

A Scene Like That has a strong beat and will immediately get listeners up and on the dance floor. There is an electrified style to the songs on Gumshen’s latest album, DIGIBITES, that link together Trans-era Neil Young, Fame-ish David Bowie, and AWOLNATION into something that is catchy, fun, and musically fulfilling. Those that want to get on the dance floor as well as those that wish to dissect what they are listening will find something that they can appreciate with this release.

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Be Here and Now is a track that could easily work in the new wave movement; there is a strength to the vocals here that simply cannot be heard in other similar sort of albums. Where there is a lot of sequenced and otherwise immaculately-created compositions here, the humanity brought to DIGIBITES by these vocals is truly special. Don’t Stop the Music is another single-worthy track. There is an angular sound to this composition that will draw comparisons to Franz Ferdinand; the shuffling beat and funk feels like an amalgamation of Electric Six and Disintegration-era Cure. The track leads out with an incredibly high momentum, ensuring that listeners will make it through the remaining tracks on DIGIBITES with energy to spare.

Gumshen makes sure to keep things strong in the second half of DIGIBITES; One Track Mind is the final track on DIGIBITES and provides fans with an emphatic end to one of the strongest albums that we have heard so far this year. Make sure to purchase this album, add the band on social media for the latest in information, and see them live if they come to a town near you in the months or years to come.

Top Tracks: A Scene Like That, Be Here and Now

Rating: 9.3/10

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